End of the year review for(2018)….. THE CAST Podcast or the #gangangang, Sammy BE & Luisa L. (missing Savannah Bee this episode), closed out the year with a bang.

The gang discussed various topics that happened in 2018 and their thoughts and views on certain topics. They also had a special guest, Busta Scher @Bustacher, who is a young social media talent on the world wide web.
Busta is the young social media talent, who actually develops social media for the NBA. He created an online platform called HoopsNation @HoopsNation; that focuses on high caliber star quality high school, college basketball recruits, along with NBA superstardom. His platform has allowed him to be the premier “social media go to guy” for the NBA (National Basketball Association).

This is an end of year wrap up for 2018, that you don’t want to miss.. Happy New Year 2019 by the way…..

As always #BEBless #StayBless #GODBLESS #RealRecognizeDeal

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