1) The talks between China and United State’s concluded with a positive note with expectations of expanded market access to China by America.

2) The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars company announced record sales for 2018, their highest sales in 115 years of business.

3) Jeff Bezos’ up coming divorce sparks questions of just how the ownership of Amazon will play out, with Bezos having the majority ownership of $130 billion dollars. Divorce laws require equal division of property between spouses.

4) 10 JAN 19 Stock market closings:   The fifth day of rising markets.

Dow                     24,001.92    up    122.80
Nasdaq                 6,986.07    up      28.99
S&P 500                2,596.64    up      11.68

10 Year Yield:    unchanged   at    2.73%

Oil:    down   at    $52.30

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