New article below titled, “ATS! The Great Money Making Machine”

1) This Saturday, Julian Castro made his announcement that he’s running for President in the 2020 election. He is making a play for the Obama coalition, but is expected to have an up hill fight to break out of the growing number of Democratic contenders. He supports an upper level tax rate of 70%.

2) As millennials buy more and more on line, they have spurred the new business of ‘last mile delivery service’ who specialize in large house items such as stoves, exercise machines and washer-dryers, which require assembly, installation or careful handling inside houses.

3) The growing national debt now amounts to $67,000 for each American, from the youngest to the oldest.

4) 11 JAN 19 Stock market closings:

 Dow             23,995.95     down     5.97
Nasdaq          6,971.48     down   14.59
S&P 500         2,596.26     down     0.38

10 Year Yield:     down   at 2  .70%

Oil:     up   at   $51.70

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