1) Five ways the economy is being effected by the government shutdown.
       1) Consumerism is weakened
       2) Data freeze for economist
       3) Stress on the financial sector
       4) Obstacles for all sizes of business requiring government actions
           5) More economic uncertainty amid global fears

2) Brexit vote today by Parliament is crucial because its defeat could send England into disarray with exit just weeks away. Imports and exports for England and EU countries becomes questionable.

3) PG&E files for chapter 11 bankruptcy with its CEO resigning, as financial difficulties mount.

4) 14 JAN 19  Stock market closings:

Dow                   23,909.84 down 86.11
Nasdaq                6,905.92 down 65.56
S&P 500               2,582.61 down 13.65

10 Year Yield:  up  at  2.71%

Oil:  up  at  $50.82

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