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As theft and shoplifting rises nationwide at major retail stores. The dynamics are being relayed to smaller businesses as well. Small business owners are also feeling the dynamics of shoplifting at their business locations, and they have indicated they as well are losing thousands, amongst theft and shoplifting.

Some business owners are instituting fees on top the taxes and regular fees associated when their clients/customers purchase an item. These fees are needed to at least stop some of the hemorrhaging from illegal shoplifting and theft that has been occurring nationwide.

The name of the fee is entitled “1% crime spike fee” which factors in the daily loss that retailers and small businesses are facing because of the pandemic. These losses have hurt businesses and the owners bottom line. Instituting a fee to offset the burden, may be risky because of the extra charge(s) a customer will have to pay for, no customer wants to pay more if they do not have to. -SB

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