By: Economic & Finance Report

The  annual Forbes Most Powerful People List is out for  the year 2014.   Some of the names on the list are listed below….

1) Vladamir Putin (Russia)

2) Barack Obama (United States)

3) Xi Jinping (China)

4) Pope Francis (Roman Catholic Church-Argentina)

5) Angela Markel (Germany)

6) Janet Yellen (United States)

7) Bill Gates (United States)

8) Mario Draghi (Italy)

9) Sergey Brin (United States)

10 Larry Page (United States)

11) David Cameron (Great Britain,UK)

12) Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (Saudi Arabia)

13)  Warren Buffet (United States)

14) Li Kequiang (China)

15) Carlos Slim & Family (Mexico)

16) Jeff Bezos (United States)

17) Francois Hollande (France)

18) Jamie Dimon

19) Ali Hoseini-Khamenei

20) Rex Tillerson (United States)

21) Jeffrey Immelt (United States)

22) Mark Zuckerberg (United States)

23) Michael Bloomberg (United States)

24) Charles Koch & David Koch (Koch Brothers) (United States)

25) Timothy Cook (United States)


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