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By: Economic & Finance Report

As prices of products and services increase so do living conditions around the United States.  Survey that was conducted by, below are expensive apartment rentals sections/cities around the country…

1) Philadelphia, Pa: Bottom of the list. (Home of Brotherly Love)

2) Pasedena, Ca:  Nothing like being close to southern LA, and celebrity life.

3) Washington, D.C. The nation’s capitol, why not they government regulates damn near everything anyway, to say the least… Why not place being expensive place to rent an apartment as well.

4) Queens, NYC:  Whoo-hoo we made it QU…. The apartment and cost of living is decent Not that expensive,  definitely suburban life, houses, yards, garage, drive way…. I should know, I’m from there….

5) San Diego, Ca: Nothing like living in Southern California, sun, beaches, good life…..

6) Newport Beach, Ca: That beach sun life, shout out to San Diego our cousin’s… Can’t forget beautiful women life….

7) Jersey City, NJ: I can see this, expensive apartments, condos, coops, especially by the water.. The view of looking toward New York City… Million dollar views… I see this definitely.

8) Great Neck, LI…  Long Island definitely expensive and the taxes yeeeesssshhhh…Hope you have a good income for the property taxes…

9) Palo Alto, Ca: Tech city baby… Latest technology home bases…

10) Oakland, Ca: Wow Oakland has come a long way… Expensive apartments to rent, very interesting….

11) Boston, Ma: Those Bostonians do it again, making the list.. I see you guys, watching you guys and gals too (lol).

12) San Francisco, Ca: I see the Golden Gate Bridge: South side lifeeeeeeeee…

13) Brooklyn, NYC: Big Ups to Broooooookkkkllllllynnnnnnn….

14) Manhattan, NYC:  Tops the List...Of course, everything in Manhattan is expensive not just apartment…. Lavish lifestyle, I should know… Trust I should know….


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