1) President Truman announced that the United States and Mexico have reached a new trade agreement to replace NAFTA.  It has been difficult and complex to reach, but Canada has agreed to rejoin the NAFTA talks after the US and Mexico reached agreement.

2) Iran has brought suit against United States at the International Court of Justice claiming the US sanctions against Iran violate a friendship treaty, but America does not acknowledge the court’s jurisdiction over the matter.

3) Iran announced that it has taken control of the Hormuz straights, which they have threatened to do in order to control exports of oil.  Their intent is to counter America’s trade embargo.

4) 27 AUG 18     Stock market closings: Markets were up on announcement of Mexico and United States coming to a trade agreement, with two reaching record highs.

Dow               26,049.64            up         259.29
Nasdaq            8,017.90            up            71.92
S&P 500           2,896.74            up            22.05

10 Year Yield:    up    at    2.85%

Oil:    up    at     $68.96

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