1) The EU (European Union) is warning about possible problems for Britain if she exits the union next year without the formal exit process.  Fears of higher credit card fees and delays in medical payment are among some of the possible problems.

2) The city of Chicago has a pension deficient of $28 billion dollars.  City leaders are proposing a $10 billion dollar issuance of bonds to gain the capital needed to continue its pension obligations, but this will further in debt the city.

3) China and US trade talks failed, causing the Chinese markets to free fall over the uncertainty of China’s economy.

4) 24 AUG 18     Stock  market  closings:

Dow               25,790.35     up     133.37
Nasdaq            7,945.98     up       67.52
S&P 500           2,874.69     up       17.71

10 Year Yield:     up   at   2.83%

Oil:     up   at    $68.52

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