1) The Nestle corporation has made a $7 billion dollar deal with Starbuck to use it’s distribution network to sell selected Starbuck’s products. About 500 Starbuck employees will be transferred to Nestle.

2) The Consumer Confidence has hit it’s highest level since October 2000, an 18 year high.

3) Best Buy’s online sales growth slows, with sales dropping despite overall growth in sales. However there are forecast of a decline for next quarter.

4) 28 AUG 18    Stock   market   closing:      Overall increase in market attributed to record high of Consumer Confidence.

Dow                     26,064.02        up     14.38
Nasdaq                  8,030.04        up     12.14
S&P 500                 2,897.52        up       0.78

10 Year Yield:    up    at    2.88%

Oil:    up    at    $68.57

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