New Podcast available below- EFR Podcast Ep. #26: G7 Summit & Eco Policy

1) Changes have been proposed and submitted to the Endangered Species Act, to reduce regulation burden on business. The changes are designed to simplify and enhance business operations. Changes in definitions are proposed that would remove species from the endangered species list. It will be 60 days before these changes can take effect.

2) Charlotte North Carolina has been selected to host the Republican 2020 convention.

3) There may be a retail apocalypse brewing as more big name retail stores disappear across America. Companies are downsizing to survive in what appears to be a new economic environment. Analysis estimate that 50% of America’s malls will close by 2023.

4) The SK firm of South Korea claims to have found a Russian warship scuttled in 1905. The ship may still have billions of dollars worth of gold on board.

5) 20 JUL 18 stock market closing prices:

Dow            25,058.12    down   6.38
Nasdaq         7,820.20    down   5.10
S&P 500        2,801.83    down   2.66

Oil down at $68.15

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