New article posted below – Jeff Bezos richest person in modern times

1) The Democratic party continues to drift to the left, by embracing socialism. But questions are growing that the Democrats are failing to address the middle more conservative electorate needed to win national elections.

2) This month, China has reached its highest corporation debt default. The Wintime Energy Co., active in the Chinese coal industry, is the largest Chinese corporation defaulter yet. The Chinese domestic bond market is the world’s third largest bond market at over 12 trillion dollars. The Chinese bond boom ended in 2016.

3) President Trump stated he doesn’t want the interest rate to rise. He considers an increase in the interest rate to be a detriment to continue growth of the economy.

4) 19 JUL 18 stock market closing: Continue strife over tariffs and President Trump’s comment on interest rate increase has pushed stock prices down.

Dow            25,064.50     down        134
Nasdaq        7,825.30      down          29.15
S&P 500       2,804.49      down          11.13

Oil is up $69.51

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