1) The newspaper ‘New York Daily News’ announced they were cutting their staff in half in an attempt to avoid insolvency. Like so many newspapers, the New York Daily News is suffering from declining sales and revenue due in part to technology displacement. The paper will concentrate more on digital news.

2) Long time Nicarajuan president Outega is engulfed in a power struggle with protesters demanding his resignation from office after 40 years in power. The people are upset over contraction of socialism programs with decrease in benefits. In America, there are fears of a civil war erupting, with effects such as a migration flood into America, much as being seen with Syria.

3) A battle over the future of the Democratic Party continues, as people such as Cori Bush and Ocasio-Coutez pull the party to the left, with moderates struggle for a centralist stance. There are fears that socialist candidates are dividing the Democratic base thereby making it difficult for the party in upcoming elections.

4) Britain will be leaving the European Union next March, with or without an agreement between Britain and the EU. In effect, Britain could be crashing out of the union with unforseen economic effects.

5) 23 JUL 18 Stock market closings:

Dow           25,044.29     down     13.83
Nasdaq        7,841.87           up     21.67
S&P 500       2,806.98           up       5.15

Oil      down   at     $67.77

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