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Now talk about leveling up. 18-year-old Gen-Zer; is the youngest mayor ever in the history of the United States of America. Jaylen Smith of Earle, Arkansas; is the youngest and newest mayor of Earle, Arkansas. Smith recently graduated from Earle High School and now has become the youngest African American mayor in United States history.

Earle is a town of approximately 2,000 people. Mr. Smith was able to defeat his opponent Nemi Matthews by 79 votes. Jaylen Smith garnered 219 votes, while Nemi Matthews garnered 139 votes: in the small town. As the Mayor-elect of Earle, Jaylen Smith has his sights set on various policies, some of them included are improving transportation, public safety and providing new businesses and industry into the small but vibrant town of Earle. -SB

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Meet the 18-year-old who just became the youngest Black mayor in the country (

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