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This holiday season, ending of 2022. Many retail stores are not experiencing items, products nor goods flying off the shelves. The stores are not as crowded as the past holiday, and this is creating jitters to many retailers.

Lowered projections of sales are marginal this 2022 holiday; and the enthusiasm from customers does not seem to there as well. There are concerns that consumers are monitoring the first quarter of 2023; as speculation of a mild recession mounts from forecasters. The Crypto fallout from FTX/Almeda Research; in November 2022 did not help also, marring people’s ability to “completely trust the markets” if that makes any sense?

In November 2022 various report studies indicated consumers not spending as much during the Thanksgiving holidays, which obviously rolled into this Christmas holiday spending 2022. Let’s see what the new year 2023 presents. -SB

Image Source: New York Times

This holiday shopping season isn’t looking great for retailers: Morning Brief (

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