1) A glitch in Uber’s system is keeping their drivers from getting paid immediately.  This leaves drivers with the problem of paying for gas to operate their Uber service.

2) Trade war with China threatens to expand with new tariffs.  China promises to match President Trump’s $200 billion tariffs, just as they did with the initial $50 billion.  Their strategy in the trade war is to match each move by the US in kind.

3) Estimates have started coming in for the losses from Hurricane Florence, of $22 billion dollars.  The damage is a result of the extensive flooding, which is extending 250 miles inland.  The flooding continues, so these estimates may well creep up.

4) 17 SEP 18   Stock   market   closings:   Closings down because of the threats from China-American trade war.

Dow                26,062.12           down       92.55
Nasdaq             7,895.79           down     114.25
S&P 500            2,888.80           down       16.18

10 Year Yield:    up   at   3.00%

Oil:    $68.85    down   from   $68.98

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