1) California has the highest poverty rate in America. Faced with problems of a shrinking tax base with 140,000 tax paying residents leaving last year, a growing high cost of living and additional social welfare programs, the poverty rate will most likely increase.

2) Turkey raises it interest rate to 24% as it’s currency plummets. In addition, Turkey blames the United States for its fiscal problems.

3) American industrial production jumps 0.4% in August, an increase for the third straight month.

4) President Trump has again up the ante by approving tariffs on another $200 billion dollars of Chinese products.

5) 14 SEP 18 Stock market closings:

Dow             26,154.67             up       8.68
Nasdaq          8,010.04        down      3.67
S&P 500         2,904.98              up      0.80

10 Year Yield:          up    at    2.99%

Oil:        $68.98    up    from     $68.81

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