1) Hurricane Florence fills the news with promises of wide spread destruction of property, resulting in huge financial losses up and down America’s economy.

2) This month is the tenth anniversary of the world wide economic crash of 2008, which came near to a total collapse of credit across the world’s economies. Business ground to a halt without any available credit. On 29 SEP 08 the American stock market fell 777 points in just one day.

3) There are estimates that thousands of homes in the hurricane’s path lack flood insurance and therefore will increased the losses from the storm.

4) 13 SEP 18   Stock   market   closings:

Dow              26,145.99      up     147.07
Nasdaq            8,013.71     up       59.48
S&P 500           2,904.18     up       15.26

10 Year Yield:    no   change   at   2.96%

Oil:      $68.81     down    from    $70.22

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