New article posted below titled “The Jobs for the Young – Going, Going – Gone!”

1) New York City has replaced London as the world’s center of financial trade.

2) Median house hold income hits a new high for the third straight year, since just before the recession started. The nations median income is $61,372.

3) Fears abound on Wall Street about Tesla’s ability to pay off it’s large debt, in part because of Tesla’s volatile CEO. The company is experiencing a steep decline in its bonds.

4) 12 SEP 18    Stock   market   closings:

Dow        25,998.92            up     27.86
Nasdaq     7,954.23      down     18.24
S&P 500    2,888.92            up       1.03

10 Year Yield:    down    at    2.96%

Oil:      down     at    $70.22

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