1) China is out of ‘bullets’ in the US-China trade war. Because China imports so little American products, China can only counter President’s Trump’s $200 billion dollars with just $60 billion dollars in her own tariffs.  Both tariffs due to go into effect this next week.  China’s markets continue to drop in response to the trade war.

2) It is reported that Apple will be exempt from tariffs in the up coming $200 billion tariffs.

3) Strategist say that when unemployment and inflation rate are equal it foretells a recession, with three other signs:
(1) The yield curve has been flattening in recent months.
(2) Concerning signs of the credit market, personal debt (credit card) increasing.
(3) Concern with housing, a telltale sign of a downturn with home prices declining.

4) 18 SEP 18     Stock   market   closings:

Dow                  26,246.96       up          184.84
Nasdaq               7,956.11      up             60.31
S&P 500              2,904.31      up             15.51

10 Year Yield:     up   at   3.05%

Oil: $69.80    up   from    $68.85

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