1) Retailers plan for a blockbuster holiday season in sales that will top $1 trillion dollars for the first time this year.

2) China has an un-occupancy rate almost twice that of any other advance Asian country or the US, with 50 million homes unoccupied or 22% houses empty.  This is a result of property speculation coming up short.

3) Oil prices continue their downward slide, now down 20% from its recent peak. This is the 10th consecutive decline and matching the longest skid since 1984.  In turn, stock markets, both domestic and international markets have seen a decline in prices.

4) 9 NOV 18    Stock market closings:   Oil supply increasing as demand drops.

Dow                    25,989.30        down       201.92
Nasdaq                 7,406.90        down       123.98
S&P 500                2,781.01        down          25.82

10 Year Yield:     down   at    3.19%

Oil:       down   at    $59.87

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