1) The German firm SAP Technologies is buying the US company Qualitrics International for $8.3 billion dollars.  Qualitrics is on verge of its market debut.

2) The Japanese technology firm Softbank wants to raise $24 billion dollars in one of the worlds largest IPO’s (Initial Public Offering).

3) Apple’s stock plunged 5% because of weak demand of it’s iPhone, plus GE’s stock is below $8 a share, its CEO is considering asset sales.  These and other world concerns of economic growth and world economies is blamed for the sudden downturn of American markets.

4) 12 NOV 18     Stock market closings:

Dow                        25,387.18            down        602.12
Nasdaq                     7,200.87            down        206.03
S&P 500                    2,726.22            down          54.79

10 Year Yield:        unchanged      3.19%

Oil:       down   at    $59.06

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