4 January 2021

1) The prospects of approving the $2,000 stimulus checks have dimmed further. The legislation was scrambled in the final days of the 116th Congress. Democrats rapidly passed a bill with some Republican support and attempted to approve it in the GOP-led Senate. But the Senate Majority Leader blocked a vote on the checks, by eliminating Section 230 liability protections for social-media companies and reviewing purported voter fraud in the 2020 election. These contentious measures cut off Democratic support for the bill and avoided holding a vote directly on the larger checks. While a half dozen Senate Republicans have expressed support for larger checks, most have opposed additional spending on top of the $900 billion in aid.

2) There are eleven GOP senators who plan to object to certification of the election results, with Vice President Pence welcoming their move on January 6. So far, every state has certified their election results. The senators’ opposition to official certification is considered to only stall Congress by a matter of hours in finalizing the results. Nearly one-quarter of the Senate Republicans have broken with GOP leaders to join the effort to invalidate Biden’s win. Meanwhile, in the House, over half of the Republican members have said that they will vote on January 6 to block certification of the election results.

3) Nancy Pelosi has been reelected speaker of the house despite a narrow majority, for a fourth non-consecutive term, to lead the House of Representatives, despite suffering a handful of defections in a narrow vote. After serving for 17 years in charge of the House Democrats, Pelosi ran unopposed in her election. The Democrats’ had their smallest majority in decades and a pandemic that has hindered attendance. Some in her caucus have agitated for new leadership, and Republicans were unified against her. She received 216 votes, compared to House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy 209 votes.

4) Stock market closings for – 31 DEC 20:

Dow 30,606.48 up by 196.92
Nasdaq 12,888.28 up by 18.28
S&P 500 3,756.07 up by 24.03

10 Year Yield: down at 0.92%

Oil: up at $48.42

U.S. Presidential Election 2020: TOO CLOSE 2 CALL

By: Economic & Finance Report

The USA Presidential Elections 2020 is in a dead heat, the stakes could not be higher. Only a few states are now the determining factor in deciding the next U.S. President, for the next 4 years. Both candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden need 270 electoral college votes to become the president of the United States.

There have been a pendulum of states going back and forth for each candidate, and a few “swing states” will be the determining factor on who becomes the next president of the United States of America. Stay Tuned-SB

Image Credit: ABCNews.com

11 February 2019

New article posted below titled, “Failings of the Fourth Estate!”

1) An appropriations bill to keep the government open must go on the floor this Monday if it is to be passed and signed by the president to avoid government shut down this Friday.

2) The policy of South Africa appropriating the private property of white people, without any compensation, is driving South Africa’s economy downwards. This policy has been tried with other African nations with the devastating results of their educated white people fleeing, leaving no one knowledgeable in running the businesses. South Africa is also experiencing the beginnings of ‘brain drain’. With fears of South Africa becoming a failed state, and the threat of a socialist economy, investment is declining with the economy now static while its bond rating is now junk.

3) Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal ‘Green New Deal’ is getting cool reception even from members of the Democratic party over the feasibility of its proposals. Plan makes no mention of how it would achieve its goals, but does raise fears of massive debt while also doing huge damage to manufacturing sector of the economy. One congressman ask why anyone would want to make America into another Venezuela. The Green New Deal looks like it will be a major topic in the 2020 election.

4) 8 FEB 19    Stock market closings:

 Dow           25,106.33       down       63.20
Nasdaq         7,298.20             up         9.85
S&P 500        2,707.88             up         1.83

10 Year Yield:     down   at    2.63%

Oil:    down   at    $52.71

14 January 2019

New article below titled, “ATS! The Great Money Making Machine”

1) This Saturday, Julian Castro made his announcement that he’s running for President in the 2020 election. He is making a play for the Obama coalition, but is expected to have an up hill fight to break out of the growing number of Democratic contenders. He supports an upper level tax rate of 70%.

2) As millennials buy more and more on line, they have spurred the new business of ‘last mile delivery service’ who specialize in large house items such as stoves, exercise machines and washer-dryers, which require assembly, installation or careful handling inside houses.

3) The growing national debt now amounts to $67,000 for each American, from the youngest to the oldest.

4) 11 JAN 19 Stock market closings:

 Dow             23,995.95     down     5.97
Nasdaq          6,971.48     down   14.59
S&P 500         2,596.26     down     0.38

10 Year Yield:     down   at 2  .70%

Oil:     up   at   $51.70