New article posted below titled, “Failings of the Fourth Estate!”

1) An appropriations bill to keep the government open must go on the floor this Monday if it is to be passed and signed by the president to avoid government shut down this Friday.

2) The policy of South Africa appropriating the private property of white people, without any compensation, is driving South Africa’s economy downwards. This policy has been tried with other African nations with the devastating results of their educated white people fleeing, leaving no one knowledgeable in running the businesses. South Africa is also experiencing the beginnings of ‘brain drain’. With fears of South Africa becoming a failed state, and the threat of a socialist economy, investment is declining with the economy now static while its bond rating is now junk.

3) Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal ‘Green New Deal’ is getting cool reception even from members of the Democratic party over the feasibility of its proposals. Plan makes no mention of how it would achieve its goals, but does raise fears of massive debt while also doing huge damage to manufacturing sector of the economy. One congressman ask why anyone would want to make America into another Venezuela. The Green New Deal looks like it will be a major topic in the 2020 election.

4) 8 FEB 19    Stock market closings:

 Dow           25,106.33       down       63.20
Nasdaq         7,298.20             up         9.85
S&P 500        2,707.88             up         1.83

10 Year Yield:     down   at    2.63%

Oil:    down   at    $52.71

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