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Track & Field great Usain Bolt has been targeted in a banking scandal. The Olympics gold medalist had approximately $12.7 million dollars missing from his investment account recently. The account was a part of Mr. Bolt’s “lifetime savings and retirement.” It was a part of his personal pension as well.

Mr. Bolt’s attorneys have indicated there was mass fraud and deception in managing the funds and they will be bringing legal action to the account manager’s; Stocks & Securities Limited The account funds were missing in the beginning of January 2023; when Bolt’s attorneys conducting routine financial audits on Bolt’s behalf.

Usain Bolt’s net worth is over $90 million dollars with majority of his investments coming from sports sponsorships and brand deals; from sports companies as Puma. Puma compensates Bolt in the millions yearly, even after retirement from track and field events.

Image Source: GQ

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