A Corollary of War

A technologically advance people will displace a lesser people.
Which is what is actually happening now.

James Lyman BSAE, BSEE, MSSM

For ten years now, I have been studying and writing about the mechanics and driving forces of modern insurrections, in particular the threat of people losing their livelihood by technology displacement. AI (Artificial Intelligence) experts predict that in the next 15 to 25 years, half the jobs in America will disappear because of technology. This isn’t something new, for decades people have been pushed further and further down because of technology displacement. For years, politicians have bemoaned how wages of American workers are not increasing, the politicians being too poorly educated in a world of technology to appreciate that the low wages is because machines are doing the work. As seen on Wednesday, people are now ‘mad as hell’ and their fuze is growing dangerously short!

Watching the news and the ‘nonsensical dribble’ expounded in TV interviews shows just how ill prepared members of the Congress and governments are to address the problems now facing Americans. Just how very little real understanding senators and congressmen have of the problems so many Americans have and why they are so very angry! That’s also apparent by how you never hear a peep in the political discourse about obsolete people and how a preponderance of Americans have been, and continue to be, pushed out of the social economic system (the tent people) by technology- which is why so many of those Washington demonstrators are so angry.

While many of the Washington’s self appointed elitist condemn, denounce and even ridicule those angry people, when earlier they were surprisingly quiet about the riots of ANTIFA and BLM, showing how they’ve grossly failed to understand that those groups are actually one and the same as those Washington rioters. They are all people being pushed out of the social economic system . . . pushed out of the world they were born into and belonged to, pushed out the same way as the Native American’s were two centuries ago. Pushed out by an advanced technology people only to be left out in the cold. This is indicative of the quality and caliber of the people sent to govern us. Just as the Indian’s were very angry over being pushed out of their world, the demonstrators this last year are just as angry and filled with resolve to push back.

The bulk of the people in Congress are lawyers or political science studies, which I consider to be just a watered down lawyer. Reading the law is the education of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Reading the law is the education of the 16th, 17th and the 18th centuries, and that’s the crux of the problem! We have these 18th century people charged with leading us into the 21st century, but it is simply beyond their abilities. Indeed, most can’t ‘solve’ their way out of a wet paper bag, they are so poorly educated.

The gun control proposals made by many in Congress is proof positive of just how technologically backwards and behind so many of them are. The most primitive technology still prevalent in the world, and they seriously suggest they can actually control and limit it. The gun problem is a world problem with one gun for every four humans, and that’s because the manufacturing of guns is such a low level technology. Just like alcoholic beverages and elicit drugs, being unable to control the demand means the technology cannot be controlled. Another example is the ridiculously long bills the Congress passes, recent examples being the health reform act (Obama Care) with about 2,700 pages, and the stimulus bill with almost 6,000 pages. Both are indicative how little real thought was given to the problems, just a room filled with lawyers writing up a preponderance of legalese for other lawyers to litigate later.

This deficiency isn’t something new, for on the day of his retirement (1987), Speaker Tip O’Neill (a Democrat) stood on the steps of the Capital and warned about those ‘sound biters’, the new generation of politicians who were very skilled at using the news media for their political careers … and very skilled at little else. And everything he tried to warn us about has come true. We don’t have problem solvers to govern us, instead we have entertainers, celebrities and personalities, and recent history shows how very deficient they are at addressing the problems Americans face. With members of Congress vying for TV camera time to whine and complain about the state of the people, who they have been so instrumental in creating by their non-performance, it’s obvious that reform is needed, indeed necessary.

When asked what needs to be done about obsolescence of people and their displacement by technology, my answer is always the same:

‘Until you have a functioning government, you’re going to do absolutely NOTHING!’

To reform the government means creating an environment conducive to get the quality and caliber of people needed to address the obsolescence and displacement of Americans. That change means the adoption of four constitutional amendments, which are:

The Four Constitutional Amendments

1) A line item veto by the President of appropriation bills.
2) Term limitations for congressmen (5 terms) and senators        (2 terms).
3) An amendment forbidding anyone to participate in any election, in coin or in kind, for 
    which they cannot qualify to vote in.
4) The house and senate to have the power to fire any federal employee by a simple 
    majority vote, with no presidential veto.

An expanded description of these four amendments, as well as other articles about the displacement of Americans and their obsolescence by technology, can be found on my website www.peopleobsolete.com in both html and .pdf formats, which can be printed out on paper.

Despite all the condemnation and complaining of what happened at the Capital, nothing will be done with the people who presently govern us. The necessary balance for a modern government to function must be restored, and that means those four amendments. Otherwise, the real problems driving the street violence in America will only continue to grow and spread, irrespective what their political persuasion or believes may be. To solve the problem, the ‘forcing function’ of being pushed out of America must be addressed, and that means having the kind of people with the education and intellectual skills necessary to analyze and resolve problems . . . people who can come up with real viable solutions instead of the proverbial BS and sound bites that also cultivates the same dysfunctional state of the Forth Estate. To be able to create more than just illusions or images of ‘no problems’ or ‘problems solved’.

But the present situation presents the American people with the opportunity to get those amendments adopted. The present Washington environment, that has produced this and other recent riots by the negligence of Congress, is the swamp that President Trump promised and tried to drain, but without any actual structural changes, permanent draining is not possible. No amount of complaining or political rhetoric in front of television cameras is going to quell the anger which has been building for so many years.

So who’s to blamed for the DC riot? The Congress for failing to be the ‘Congress’ . . . for failing to do their job, for failing to work the problem! So . . .

It is only going to get worst!

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