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The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) will widen its scope on listing foreign companies on its exchange. They are doing so to broaden the demographic of foreign investment into the country. Companies who are seeking to invest in other parts of Africa will be included in the NSE and not limited to.

The the (NSE INDEX) has risen slightly  over the past few weeks, but it still has ranked way lower then the other 14 African Indexes currently. New rules will be accompanying the NSE in 2015. Regulations and rules that will be adhered; will concentrate on the markets performance as it relates  to Nigeria’s social, political, and economical issues and how the government manages to deal with the issues at hand.

Domestic/local investors are presumed not to be affected greatly by the drawn down of oil prices because of the preparation that was foreseen by the Nigerian Central Bank and the Nigerian Finance Ministry, but now the new rules and regulations will be able to hedge more on the risk as it is pertained in the future markets…


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