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The metaverse is here folks, or is it? Many businesses small and large; are participating in this “virtual reality” phenom. Many industries and sectors in business; are partaking in what has become the “new reality” but has the prospects of utilizing the metaverse “real” in any sense of the word? Some will say “Nay”, but many others will say a resounding “Most Definitely”.

The metaverse is seen as a conglomerate, atmospheric online virtual globe; in which people can interact, share and exchange goods and services. Corporations such as Meta aka Facebook (FB); Nvidia (NVDA); Roblox (RBLX); and Unity (U) are all spearheading the metaverse “universe” to the public and cultivating a culture that many people are interested in partaking, either currently or soon to be. These companies have laid out their vision on how the metaverse can change public perception in detailing transactions but also human interaction amongst each other.

The metaverse is expanding rapidly and will most likely only get larger in scope, investors are taking notice and putting their money where they believe it should be, in the metaverse. -SB

Image Source: CNET

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