Interior of cozy restaurant for gathering with friends, with tables, chairs, no people

The Omicron virus is causing a lot of distress to restaurants around the nation. Many restaurants have mandated requirements either mask wearing in their establishments and/or proof of vaccinations, to eat in their establishments as well.

Recently the owner of Shake Shack (Danny Meyer); mandated that all employees under his restaurant company (Union Square Hospitality Group); as well as customers must be vaccinated and show proof of their vaccination cards. To restauranteurs, Omicron is moving in the same manner as the Delta variant, even though many researchers that the Omicron variant is moving at a faster pace than the Delta variant.

Many of the cases of Omicron have already spiked in various metropolitan major cities and is expanding nationwide, this holiday season. Restaurants and venues that house entertainment have already shut down or postponed events because of the spike of case that are ongoing. -SB

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