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The Taco Bell corporation wants to end the trademark use of “Taco Tuesday”. The trademark was first established over 34 years ago, by its competitor Taco John’s. Taco Bell wants to end the “Taco Tuesday” phrase because the company states, the phrase should be used globally and freely, by anyone and any entity that wants to use the term.

Restaurants, companies and franchises; must ask Taco John’s to use the coined term “Taco Tuesday” since they own the copyrighted trademark. Taco Bell believes the phrase is too common and everyone has a universal right to use the term. The term was trademarked in 1989.

Some believe Taco Bell has a strong case, to issue a petition against such a widely used term, while others indicate that courts will have to make the final decision. -SB

Image Source: El Restaurante Magazine

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