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Blockchain technology is the thing of the future, or maybe it’s the thing of TODAY. The payment service platform Square (SQ); has rebranded and renamed itself as Block (SQ), the NYSE ticker symbol will still be (SQ). Block as entity, will focus more on blockchain technology and crypto technology as stated by the company and as speculated by many observers.

Former CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down from Twitter (TWTR) on Monday, December 6, 2021; leaving the helm to new CEO Parag Agarwal. It is speculated that Dorsey’s focus will be on blockchain technology developments and he will continue leading Block (SQ) as well.

Block is not the only publicly traded company to change its name and refocus its aspirational vision. Facebook’s (FB) parent company is now Meta and Google’s (GOOGL) parent company is called Alphabet. -SB

Image Source: The Verge

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