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Rishi Sunak has won his party’s elections (Conservative Party); to be the first Indian British and person of color to lead the United Kingdom. He was elected during the celebration of Diwali, (which is a global Indian cultural holiday). Many Indians are prideful for his elections, as being the first of Indian heritage, to lead the entire United Kingdom.

The markets factored in Sunak’s elections as positive, and many believe he will be able to lead the country out of its economic turmoil. His predecessor Ms. Liz Truss was elected Prime Minister for only six weeks. Many are hoping Mr. Sunak will be able to turn around the economic hardships; that have hit the UK recently, especially the UK’s markets. The markets that have faltered because of the past’s administration’s woeful economic policies. High hopes are impeding for Mr. Sunak to change the narrative and shake up the UK economy for the better. -SB

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Rishi Sunak Selected As Britain’s Next Prime Minister—Here’s What To Know (

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