By: Economic & Finance Report

President Donald Trump approved two major oil pipelines today, one being the Keystone XL pipeline and the other being the Dakota oil pipelines. Both pipelines were blocked under President Barack Obama’s administration. Both pipelines were cleared to help produce jobs in the midwest region going into Canada, but many environmentalists believe the projects hamper the environment and don’t create as much jobs as Republicans have indicated it would create.

The pipelines have created major debate between environmentalists and job creators about the issue, and the debate has been lingering on for the past couple of years. President Obama disavowed the approval of the pipeline in 2015 because he believed that climate change policies would be affected dramatically. Trump believed different on the issue stating that not approving the pipeline permits would affect the economy and job creation.

Both sides held compelling arguments and as President Trump won the general presidential election; his argument saw the light of day. -SB

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