By: Economic & Finance Report

President Elect’s Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary nominee, Mr. Steven Mnuchin was on the HILL today, being grilled by senators, on his various role(s) in US housing forecloseres, off shore investments, and banking regulations. Mr. Mnuchin is seeking to be the new Trump’s Treasury Secretary, and such is the case for candidates for any US secretary position, Mr. Mnuchin took the mound on Capitol Hill (Capital Hill), no pun intended.

Mnuchin answered questions on his numerous roles in housing foreclosures, banking investment and regulations; and how he managed to be appropriated upon all these different type of managerial skill sets, one may add? He answered all questions by senators and gave his opinion on what his duties as Treasury Secretary; under a Trump Administration would entail. -SB

P.s.  Donald J. Trump gets inaugurated as the 45th US President on January 20, 2017 at around noon 12pm est.


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