one year and counting

By:  Economic & Finance Report,  hit an important milestone this past friday, we hit our 1 year anniversary…. (Dec 11, 2014). This is very important because most websites or blogs that people start are not consistent or don’t last long at all, they have a short life span.

As we progress as an international online media publication our focus is to continue to achieve successes as it relates to the economy, finance, business, job employment, corporate governance, real estate, investments etc etc and other economical and financial subjects. We will continue to brand ourselves as leaders of the new school, when it comes to the new economy and new finances (business and personal), but while still keeping our brand and founding elements in tact….

Congrats to this website and let us progress as we continue another year of goals and objectives….Our Mantra “Show The Light And The People Shall Follow, To Find The Way. The Will Of The People” -SB


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