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Call it the #OmicronEffect. The latest development of the covid variant Omicron is having a strong effect on business leaders traveling itinerary. Many traveling plans have either been canceled or postponed because of the variant (Omicron). This will most assuredly affect the travel industry, if it has not already?

Employees who have been slowly waltzing back into the offices are now holding out to do so because of the virus. Executives have indicated that they have slowed down the process of their employees returning. Banking giant, such as Morgan Stanly and corporations such as Ford Motors and Lyft have reversed their process of employees heading back to the office. These companies and others have rolled back their efforts to return employees back to their working spaces because of the variant.

As for travel, “tis the season for a reason” on maybe why not to travel this holiday season. Omicron has complicated many industries, especially the hospitality, leisure and food & beverage sectors, which now must mandate mask wearing in various states in the USA. -SB

Image Source: Chicago Tribune

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