London Stock Exchange & Africa

By: Economic & Finance Report

The London Stock Exchange Group, head of the London Stock Markets have launched the Africa Advisory Group last week. This important group will be a 12 member group, which will adviseĀ on strategic and infrastructure development in capital markets in Sub Sahara Africa. The group consists on corporate entities, governmental bodies, international Ngo’s, and private equity investors.

The group will give advisory recommendations to help uplift capital markets throughout Africa and assist in capital improvements that would make it more fruitful for investors to invest in companies that will be placed in different capital markets, business and financial sectors.

The group of 12 is scheduled to meet and give specific recommendations entailing the capital markets every 2 years. There are supposedly 113 countries listed in the London Stock Exchange and the market capitalization is over $200 million. Within the past 10 years companies in Africa; have been able to raise over $26 billion dollars on the LSE (London Stock Exchange).- SB

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