Caribbean island pic

By: Economic & Finance Report

The Caribbean is offering investors some good opportunities, especially in the energy sector it seems. Cuba is planning to focus on solar and wind products, as well as Puerto Rico also. These investments along with renewable energy allows the Caribbean to be a key player in shift from dependable energy to independent renewable resources.

The World Bank figures indicate that investment in the caribbean has more then doubled as well. In 2013 over 200 billion dollars had been invested in Caribbean islands in different capacities.

The renewable energy and solar and wind markets are key in the investments in the Caribbean, indicated by local analyst who indicate these markets can be sold for cheap and be frugal in rate of return because of their high usability on the islands. Tourism also plays a key role in the investments and economy in the Caribbean region. These factors allow more development to be placed on various islands in the region and help the GDP of Caribbean nations entirely. -SB

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