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IBM Chief Executive Arvind Krishna; believes A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) increases worker productivity. The global population is flat lined or in more cases declining, and Mr. Krishna believes worker production diminishes because of these factors. A.I. is able to alleviate many of the deficiencies production incurs; and obtain optimal results from minimal personnel and/or workforce.

Mr. Krishna indicates that the quality of life improves greatly from artificial intelligence’s usefulness. The U.S. labor market has not been able to hire active skillful workers and A.I. has had to substitute a lot of the jobs that are needed to be done. Krishna sites data of global age populations that are declining in the workforce, such as: China, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and USA. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been able to ease the burden of hiring productive candidates. The functionalities of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence); the work production can be accomplished with fewer people to complete the task. -SB

Image Source: The Economic Times

IBM CEO who plans hiring pause for 7,800 jobs due to A.I. says the world will be worse without the technology. ‘Otherwise quality of life is going to fall’ (

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