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The following is a letter, sent to President Trump, detailing how to reform our government, by the process of espousing and promoting the passage of four constitutional amendments.  With a large number of Americans wanting reform, this would gain candidates public support and votes, as people face their demise from technology displacement.  Taking up the mantra to lead the American people into achieving this goal would almost guarantee election of a presidential candidate.  A similar letter was also sent to the Honorable William B. Hurd, a former congressman running for the Republican nomination, but an unknown with less than 1% of  the polls, whose campaign could be catapulted forward by having a real viable solution besides executive orders to restore our government to functionality.  


Dear Mr. President,

Well, the continual efforts, by the professional politicians, to politically destroy you is coming to a climactic crescendo, pulling out all the stops to ensure you have no presidential success.  But in the process, they have clearly shown their worst side and the dire need for massive reform of our government.  They are truly terrified of what you have become to the American people.  And according to the news media, they are uncomfortably close to succeeding.

On the day of his retirement, Speaker Tip O’Neill stood on the steps of the capital to warned us about the new generation of legislators, who he called ‘sound biters’, a people very skilled at giving perfect 15 to 30 second sound bites for television, but having little real ability to actually govern, and everything he tried to warn us about has come true.  Since then, we have seen our government failing to address the growing problems facing Americans, such as the shrinking job market, as technology displaces human workers at an accelerating rate.  And now in the news is the rising spectra of Artificial Intelligence and the impact it will have on people with jobs.  The forecast is that half the American jobs will disappear in the next 15 to 25 years because of computers and automation.

We now know that our government cannot be reformed by presidential executive orders, because they are just as simply revoked by a new administration.  Real reform can only be achieved by changing the environment, and that means making changes to our Constitution.  There are four constitutional amendments needed to restore government functionality, which are detailed in the attached flyer.  This is a flyer I wrote giving instructions on how to amend those four amendments to our Constitution using the tools of Single Issue Voting and Black Listing.

I have been writing about the technology displacement problem of people (reprints at my website, and whenever anyone asks me what can be done, I always reply, “Until you have a functioning government, you’re going to do absolutely nothing!”  I was promoting the flyer and four amendments on the platform TruthSocial, getting followers and good public response, until banned from the platform.  In the time I was on TruthSocial I found that this is what the people want- a real permanent solution to the dysfunctional state of our government, by taking the money out of holding offices, so we get qualified people instead of ‘gold diggers’.  The people resent having so many congressmen and senators becoming multimillionaires while being in congress, all the while doing nothing to address the problems the people are facing.

The deep long term desire of the American people, coupled with the real means to truly restore our government back to functionality, makes for a ‘real ticket’ back into the White House.  That’s how badly the people want real action and relief instead of rhetoric … irrespective if they’re liberal or conservative … irrespective if Republican or Democrat.  These amendments give you a real tangible way to give the people what they want, something they are demanding more and more.  These amendments are a force which cannot be denied by professional politicians or the fourth estate.

Proposing a real and viable method of restoring our government is the way to the hearts and minds of the voting public, which no amount of political machinations can counter.  First step is testing the waters of public interest, which you can do by simply talking about the possibilities of using those four amendments to permanently reform the government … just by asking questions and making comments on social media.  Not necessary in favor, just talking it up and see what the public response is.  This tactic has the added advantage of generating substantial free publicity for your presidential campaign.

Only after public support mounts for the four amendments do you consider picking up the scepter of leadership to create a second tea party movement, this time having a real tangible goal to recreate the government which once served us so well for 200 years.

Another possible test for support is having the attached flyers printed (pdf copy available at and passed out by anonymous workers at your rallies.  This would provide the reason for talking about the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the four amendments, thus generating the drive in the people to organize and work towards really reforming the government.   Being the only candidate having more to offer than just rhetoric, while also knowing what to do, is offering the people a real solution to give them what they want.  After all, the root of real leadership is knowing what to do.  So if you’re leading efforts to ratify the amendments, this would rally the people around you with a common cause providing the impedes to vote you into office.  Furthermore, in voting for you, the people are actually voting for themselves.  There’s also the added advantage of payback to the Washington elitist who have made your life so miserable this last decade, by ultimately destroying their exclusive little fiefdom.

In closing, the technology displacement of people has been ongoing since both of us were boys, but until we again have a functioning government, nothing will be done to address this problem.  The result is a growing mass of tents and cardboard shanties on city sidewalks and underpasses.  In turn, we can expect growing violence from angry Americans who are being forced out of the social-economic system.

I hope you will carefully read through this flyer and give it some serious consideration.  I’m convinced that championing the drive for these four amendments would guarantee your re-election no matter what efforts the fourth estate might make to disrupt both your reelection efforts and adoption of those amendments.  In short, I’m convinced leading the way to passing the amendments is a ‘sure fire’ ticket to your election success.

Thank you for your time and consideration . . . and good luck in your endeavor.

Disclaimer: All Views Expressed Are Views Expressed By Writer Contributor, Not That Of Economic & Finance Report. Thank You

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