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Contract workers for Google Maps have indicated they cannot return to work because of various reasons. They have chosen not to return to work because of family, health, and cost-effective reasoning. The contractors had been required to return to work but have indicated reasons of why not they will not be returning.

The contract workers hired by Cognizant Technology Solutions, were supposed to return back to the offices fulltime by June 6, 2022. There has been a petition signed that has stated why workers cannot return to the office work model. Sixty percent of the two hundred contracted workers have signed the petition. The Google Maps division is an important division/department for the Google company. They constantly update the maps and routes of daily commutes and functionalities worldwide. It is an essential aspect of the company’s logistics apparatus. Google Maps is used by more than one billion people a month worldwide.

One of the notations used by the workers is that returning to in person in office environment would be costly, since traveling to and from work costs a lot. The travel expense because in most US cities, gas is hovering above $5/gallon and more. The workers this makes it a liability because they don’t get paid enough to cover the expenses, as well as other personal expenses in their everyday lives.

Google’s workers union has also indicated this is problematic on multiple fronts. The low wages that these contractors incur provide certain limitations for them to be able to be able to commute to and from work. Pay and wage increases are an important asset for any worker to be able to maintain and live off of. Full time Google employees have been able to work three-day work weeks, while the contractors are not afforded the same flexibilities. This has invited friction between the parties involved. -SB

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