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“A party ain’t a party til’ it’s ran all through” quote from female rap superstar Queen Pen. Looks like there was definitely a huge party going on in the Swiss strip club scenes from 2006-2017. Former “Banker Of The Year” Pier Vincez charged $217K ($217,000 USD) to his corporate card, used at various Switzerland strip club and burlesque hot spots.

Mr. Vincez is currently on trial in Switzerland for fraud and swindling his former banking employer Raiffeisen Switzerland, out of millions of dollars, from 2006-2017. Vincez indicated at the trial, that the expenses were “business related expenses” with current clients, potential clients, and apparently new hires, he was interviewing for jobs at Raiffeisen Switzerland.

Mr. Vincez corporate card charges ranged from strip clubs, private jets, “business related dinners”, “business vacation trips” to Mallorca, Spain and other questionable charges. The trial of Mr. Pier Vincez is apparently popular in Switzerland, gaining nationwide notoriety. -SB

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