Ehtiopia infrastructure

By Economic & Finance Report

Ethiopia’s industrial infrastructure is becoming very well known lately. They have been working closely with the Chinese private sector and government to be asserted as the “Chinese Industrial Revolution” of Africa. Ethiopia has become one of Africa’s diverse economies and it has the second largest population behind Nigeria, at approx 90-95 million people.

Ethiopia is leading the way in infrastructure and in industrial resources; such as the building of roadways, railroads, dams, tunnels, and bridges. They are leading the way into the 21 st Century, by focusing on industrial resources. It has been very clear that investing in industrial resources and infrastructure is a necessity for Africa to sustain it’s growth, with out infrastructure Africa is limited in it’s GDP outreach.

One major project that Ethiopia is currently on path to finish is a $475 milion dollar railway system in conjunction with the Chinese private sector.. This project has been on going but seems to be on the path to be finished soon. Projects such as the railway system, headed by the Chinese Railway Engineering Corp is a big plus for Ethiopia and Sub Sahara Africa, because it transcends the continent to be more dynamic in the 21 st century, as it pushes forward in the development of sustainable infrastructure..


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