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Do you ever wonder why the problems that plague us are never solved?  Lots of talk and rhetoric from the professional politicians, about how they will solve all our problems if we just keep reelecting them . . . but year after year, nothing ever improves.  Have you ever wondered why this is?  Well recently there was a PBS series called “Hacking Your Mind” that explains the process which allows a preponderance of mediocre nonproductive people to get elected to public offices.  It explains Decisions Science, the study of how we make decisions, and therefore the science of getting elected without having to be qualified.  And you can watch the first three of the four videos at which is very much a ‘must watch’ if you want to have any real understanding of your modern political system.

We continually hear on the news about voter suppression by requiring IDs and limiting mail-in ballots, with each side of the voting issues intent on saving democracy by simply ensuring that everyone votes . . . at least once.  But as so often the case with social reformers, they dwell on a ‘small part’ and ignore the heart of the problem.  There’s very much a threat to our democracy, but it’s a far greater problem than voters voting.  Everyone assumes that each voter has ‘free will’ in his political views and choices.  They DON’T!!

Therefore, Decisions Science is . . . by far . . . the biggest threat to our democracy.

The mechanics of how we make the decisions in our lives has become a science – a science that has been embraced first by commercial marketing, and then by political campaigns.  When you have an understanding of something, you then have the means of controlling it.  This is exactly what has happened with Decisions Science.  Gaining an understanding of how we make our decisions, has opened the doors to learning how to control the people’s decision making process’, first in deciding what things or products we purchase, then our voting decisions.  By controlling our decision making process, marketers are able to control what we decide to buy.  

Most of the time, our thinking, and hence our decision-making process is on the emotional plane, using our hunches or gut feelings instead of rational thought.  The relating of a decision to a positive or negative emotion opens the door to controlling our making of a decision in a particular way.  Marketers are thus able to strongly influence our decision to buy something . . . and by the same means, the professional politicians use this same technology to influence who we vote for.  

While the communist successfully used the tools of savagery, fear and physical coercion to control Eleni (see previous article), as well as many other people throughout history, the techniques of Decisions Science has given political practitioners just as much, if not more control over the minds of the people.  And yet few people are aware of how they are being controlled, which makes these techniques just that much more effective.  At least people being subjugated by the Communist, the Nazi and other totalitarian regimes have no doubt they are being controlled.

There’s more to come . . .

Image Source: Hacking Your Mind (PBS)

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