Chinese real estate investments

By: Economic & Finance Report

China’s institutional buyers are closely intertwined in global real estate markets. China’s investors have long been focused on long term investments, particularly in real estate assets.  China’s largest real estate investor CIC (China Investment Corporation) has been investing in large real estate assets since 2013. They poured in over 5 billion dollars in financing real estate purchases.

China collectively has spent over $300 billion on real estate in the US. In 2015 Chinese investors surpassed Canadian investors for the very first time, in purchasing USA real estate.  Chinese buyers purchased close to 100 billion dollars worth of real estate in 2015 in the US, and the trend does not seem to be slowing down. Chinese President XI Jinping has indicated that he world put in place more supply side reforms and increase the Chinese middle class because of the recent slowdown; in the Chinese economy during 2016. -SB


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