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Welp, looks like Omicron (the Covid-19 variant) is not going anywhere anytime soon; at least not in Australia, 100,000 cases have been reported daily in the “down below under” nation. The covid cases have caused massive delays and longer than usual que lines at emergency hospital facilities, around the country.

200 million new medical coronavirus supplies are supposed to be coming into the nation; within the next few weeks and the variant seems to be staying put, as the back logs of people infected with covid. Many countries around the world are facing the same complications as Australia as there are no quick fixes to rid of the coronavirus nor its variant(s). In Australia many places have been subjected to health diverted lock downs and many of the citizens are becoming irritated by this. None the less, the virus has become society’s “norm” and a part of society’s “way of life” and as implicated earlier “there are no quick fixes” or probable solutions to get rid of the virus entirely, at this moment in time. -SB

Image Source: Australia Government Twitter

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