1) Warren Buffett’s growing surplus of cash may suggests that the master investor is having difficulty finding value in U.S. stocks. Watchers note that Berkshire Hathaway’s excess cash grew in 1998-99, ahead of the tech-stock bubble burst, then again in 2005-7, as markets again tumbled.

2) President Trump is further isolating Iran economically by announcing to European businesses, that they can do business with either Iran or the United States, but not both. This tactic effectively reimposes economic sanctions on Iran.

3) Good jobs go begging in the trucking industry which is struggling to find new drivers. The 2012 shortage continues to grow each year with shortages approaching 200,000. While not glamours work, it pays well allowing individuals to earn a good living, much better than working behind the counter at a coffee shop.

4) 7 AUG 18    Stock   Market    Closings:

Dow                 25,628.91      up      126.73
Nasdaq              7,883.66      up        23.99
S&P 500             2,858.45      up           8.05

10 Year Yield        up   at   2.97%

Oil            up   at   $69.22

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