New article posted below titled “CHINA LOOKING TO REFORM AFTER GROWING TIT 4 TAT WITH U.S.”

1) Amazon became the second mega corporation to reach the $1 trillion dollar value, second after Apple which recently reached the one trillion mark.

2) World currencies that are virtually worthless, needing a laundry bag or wheelbarrow to carry enough money to buy a loaf of bread. The Venezuelan bolivar, South Sundanese pound, Nigerian naira, Zimbabwean dollar, Somaliland shilling, Iran rial, Uzbeks uzbekistani and Vietnamese d?ng are worth next to nothing.

3) 4 SEP 18 Stock market closings:

Dow             25,952.48     down      12.34
Nasdaq          8,091.25     down      18.29
S&P 500         2,896.72     down        4.80

10 Year Yield:    up   at   2.90%

Oil:    down   at   $69.48

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