New article posted below titled “CHINA LOOKING TO REFORM AFTER GROWING TIT 4 TAT WITH U.S.”

1) Africa is presently experiencing a sever infestation of Army Worm, which is posing a serious food problem.  This is effecting the food supply of about 300 million Africans by infesting 20 to 50% of the corn crops.  Africa has experienced a 28% decline in their corn harvest.

2) International manufacturing is slowing down amid heighten trade tensions. Britain is further effected by questions of Brexit to content with.

3) High gas prices put a damper on the holiday with 35 million Americans driving 50 miles or less.  Gas prices are the highest Labor day prices in 4 years. Average national gas price is $2.83 per gallon.

4) 3 SEP 18 Stock market closed for holiday:

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