1) Sales for Abercrombie and Fitch are down because of hot weather, which in turn is pushing their stock down. Campbell soup sales are also down as a result of young people not being attracted to their product line.

2) More good news for the American economy is consumer spending increased for the last quarter.

3) J.C. Penney’s financial difficulties continue to grow with a $4 billion debt and it’s stock price below $2, the retailer facing an uncertain future after posting its latest round of dismal earnings. J.C. Penney finds itself dragged down by years of errors, ineffective CEOs and an inability to establish a clear identity with shoppers.

4) 30 AUG 18   Stock  market  closings:  Stocks fell from fears of new US tariffs being imposed.

Dow                  25,986.92      down      137.65
Nasdaq               8,088.36      down         21.32
S&P 500              2,901.13      down         12.91

10 Year Yield:   down   at   2.86%

Oil:   up   at   $70.01

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